The Winner


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Our No. 1, the Hitachi C12LDH has some nice features for quick and accurate setup of miter and bevel cuts. It's the only saw in the test with a built-in laser and a digital display of miter and bevel angles. You can easily calibrate the switched laser, which also is well protected within the housing above the saw's pivot point. This is the only laser in the test that doesn't require the saw to be running to project a line, so you never have to move a board under a spinning blade with one hand. Other saws in our test with lasers have the centrifugally triggered, arbor-mounted variety, including Craftsman, Ridgid, and Ryobi. Hitachi's digital display shows both miter and bevel angles in increments of 0.5 degrees, and it can be re-zeroed at any point so it is easier to add a degree or two to shave a joint tighter. The digital display module has a backlight for better visibility indoors, and you can switch off the unit when simply cross-cutting.