Hitachi's Gadgets


Hitachi C12LSH

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A few gee-whiz features of the eye-catching Hitachi C12LSH didn't really do it for me, but are interesting nonetheless. Besides the bold graphic design, the most notable feature is the angle-readout module on its positionable stalk. This unit shows the miter and bevel angles to a 1/2-degree, and even has a backlight for its digital display. It connects to a little control panel with switches for the display and for the integrated laser.

The blade-depth adjusting knob, situated to the left side of the saw head, raises the blade above the surface of the table for roughing in dadoes. This is not unique to this saw, however. Every saw we tested had some form of this feature.

Another notable part found on only this and Makita's saw is the flip-down fence extension. As is evident, it serves more to get of the way of bevel cuts than to provide extended support like our favored sliding fence extensions.