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  • Only Rich Old Geezers Drive Pickups

    Affluent older folks are affecting how trucks are designed and what it costs you to buy one.

  • ITW: Who Owns What?

    What does a Paslode nailer have in common with a Miller welder and a Tapcon fastener?

  • How to Make a Large Table Saw Sled

    This four-minute video by Frank Howarth shows how to make a nice cross-cutting sled for your table saw.

  • Amazing Home-Made Wooden Scroll Saw

    Miki Ono is a hundred times more talented than Yoko Ono. How do I know? Because I have heard Yoko sing and have seen Miki’s home-made wooden scroll saw.

  • niosh-app_annotated.jpg

    Ladder Safety Apps

    NIOSH recently released free ladder safety applications for Android and Apple phones.

  • E15: In Your Truck Maybe, In Your OPE Not!

    The Supreme Court rejected a challenge by the petroleum industry to block the sale of E15 fuel. As a result, people who drive older vehicles or use outdoor power equipment such as portable generators and gas powered compressors will soon have to pay more attention at the pump.

  • Attention OSH Shoppers!

    Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Lowes came in with an offer.

  • No, it’s not your eyes

    From the department of boring corporate news: Stanley does something for only the third time in 170 years.

  • What's Good for US Housing is Good for Horst Pudwill

    According to a recent article in Forbes, the recovering US housing market and reconstruction of areas hit by Hurricane Sandy have made the chairman of tool manufacturer TTi into a billionaire.

  • Treat Every Gun As Loaded – Nail Guns Included

    Evidently, this UK carpenter did not get the message.

  • Suit Against Home Depot and Power Tool Companies Dismissed – For Now

    Late last year Orchard Supply sued Home Depot, Makita, and Milwaukee for running what it says was an illegal group boycott.

  • Depot vs. Lowes

    More from the department of boring corporate news: Home Depot stomps Lowes. If you shop in those stores you may have contributed to the following not-so-boring statistic.

  • Fixing the Chinese Drywall Disaster

    Carelessness led to Florida’s problems with defective Chinese drywall.

  • 18-Volt Ryobi Batteries Recalled

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with One World Technologies has announced the recall of 4.0 Ah 18-volt lithium-ion Ryobi tool batteries after several reports of packs busting into flames on the charger.

  • Chinese plywood is about to go up in price

    In response to an unfair trade petition by U.S. manufacturers of hardwood plywood, the U.S. Commerce Department is going to impose up to a 27% duty on imported Chinese plywood.

  • The Hilmor Brand Joins Irwin and Lenox

    Newell Rubbermaid, the parent company of Irwin and Lenox, is launching a new brand of tools aimed at the professional HVAC mechanic.

  • No More $9.99 or $99.99 Tools

    Canada has done away with the penny and Home Depot announces...

  • Apex Tool to Close Its North Carolina Plant

    The Apex Tool Group announced it will be closing its Gastonia, NC, plant in June 2013 and moving those jobs to facilities in Texas and China. Among the tools made at the plant are sockets sold under the Craftsman brand label.

  • New Tax on Wood Creates Confusion in California

    As of January 1, California retailers have been required to collect an extra one percent tax certain lumber products. Plywood, framing lumber, and unfinished decking are among the products subject to the tax. Doors, windows, trim, and other more heavily processed items are not.

  • Home Depot Loses $257K to Double-Cart Scheme

    A New York duo has been arrested and accused of using a double-cart scheme to steal $257,000 from Home Depot stores in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. They allegedly loaded two carts with identical items, paid for one, and stashed the other in the store.

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