22 New Tools from Milwaukee

The M18 FUEL 7 1/4-inch saw (model 2731) is intended to replace a corded sidewinder. My favorite tool from the media event, this full-size 18-volt saw has a brushless motor and can cut through four sheets of OSB at a time—as fast as a corded sidewinder. The 9.0-pound unit bevels up to 50 degrees and has a hang hook, dust blower, and LED light. Click here to see it in action. Available: September 2014. Price: $229 (tool only).

The new M18 and M12 Rapid Charge Station holds three M18 (18-volt) and three M12 (12-volt max) packs at the same time—and is said to charge must faster than the company’s current multi-pack charger (six 3.0 Ah packs in 72 minutes—versus 360 minutes before). The charger has a pass-through plug and is easily mounted on the wall.

M18 FUEL Hole Hawg. This heavy duty right-angle drill was one of the most exciting new tools at the event. With its high-rpm gearing this drill is intended for electricians; a geared-down version (capable of cranking 4 5/8-inch self-feeding bits) for plumbers is on the way. Click here to see a new cordless Hole Hawg in action. The tool is available in two configurations, with a 1/2-inch chuck (model 2708) and with a snap-in bit holder that takes the 7/16-inch hexagonal shanks common on self-feeding bits. Available: October 2014. Price: $280 (tool only)

The M18 LED Lantern (model 2363) has a strobe setting and three levels of illumination: 700, 350, and 70 lumens. When equipped with an XC battery pack it is said to have 18 hours of runtime on high and 75 on low. Light can be cast in a full circle or focused in a single direction (360-180 degrees). The light is equipped with a 2.1 amp USB charging port that can be used to charge a phone or MP3 player. Available: October 2014. Price: $79 (tool only)

Electrician’s Tool Belt (model 48-22-8110) Milwaukee has been expanding into storage solutions. The company’s first storage products were a pair of plastic tool boxes; now it is offering an electrician’s tool belt that combines Milwaukee’s Electrician’s Pouch with a smaller more streamlined pouch and a padded breathable belt. Available: October 2014

Regular pistol-grip impact drivers and wrenches can come up short when trying to access fasteners in tight places. These new models (2667 Impact Driver; 2668 3/8-inch Impact Wrench) add versatility to the brand’s impact fastening product line, which now consists of 18 tools. Features include an eight-position rotating head, a rocker switch that works with forward or rear hand grips, two speed settings, and an LED headlight. Available: October 2014. Price: $150 (model 2668; tool only) $120 (model 2667; tool only).

The M18 LED Stick Light (model 2352) has a tilting head with high and low settings of 300 and 150 lumens. There are two hang hooks, one at the top and one that folds out from just above the battery. An important feature of this and other Milwaukee LEDs is that the color temperature (4,000 Kelvin) of the light is close to that of daylight—making it possible to discern color accurately. Available: October 2014. Price: $89 (tool only)

Contractor Belt with Suspension Rig (model 48-22-8120). This tool belt is equipped with a padded 4-point harness and includes all metal hardware, a padded belt, and integrated handles for carrying the bags when you’re not wearing them. There’s even a dedicated smart phone pocket. Available: October 2014

M12 FUEL Cordless Circular Saw (model 2530). This mighty mini brushless tool powered through OSB subfloor with ease, and feels as powerful as some of the 18-volt saws I have tested in the past. The 5 3/8-inch blade provides a 1 5/8-inch depth of cut and the bevel angle adjusts to a full 50 degrees.

M18 Metal Cutting Shears: 14 gauge, 18 gauge, and 18 gauge top cut. Unlike some competitor’s drill-based tools, these were designed from the ground up to be shears—with an inline configuration that allows for easy one-handed operation. Features include a belt hook and a 360-degree rotating head that can be adjusted without the use of an Allen key. Available: 4th quarter 2014.

The new 5.0 amp-hour 18-volt Battery Pack (model 48-11-1850) has 25% more storage capacity than the company’s previous top-of-the-line 4.0 Ah pack. Durability was added by housing the cells in a composite frame and improving cooling to better dissipate heat from charging and discharging. With the “current” escalation of the amp-hour arms race, I expect to see a 6.0 Ah model unveiled at next year’s media event. Available: November 2014

With its 5” x 5” cutting area the FUEL Deep-Cut Band Saw (model 2729) is a step up in capacity from company’s existing 18-volt compact saw and is said by its maker to be faster than any corded saw available ( Click here to see it race a “Brand X” corded model). Features include an LED headlight that casts a thin shadow line to mark the cutline, a sliding shoe for flush cutting, and a large hang hook. The model is new, but it shares 93% of its parts with the brand’s corded unit so repair parts should be easy to get. Available: now. Price: $329 (tool only)

Jobsite Scissors—offset (48-22-4040) and straight (48-2204041). Milwaukee determined that sharp scissors aren’t durable enough, and that durable scissors aren’t comfortable enough, and so on, so they made their own utility scissors. Harder than stainless steel, the Iron Carbide cutting edges provide long blade life and the special bolt prevents loosening over time. The 360-degree all metal handle loops are said to have survived more than 1,000 6-foot drops during testing. Available: now. Price: $19-23.

M12 LED Lantern (model 2362). Similar to the 18-volt model shown earlier, the 12-volt max version has three levels of illumination: 400, 200, and 40 lumens, as well as a strobe setting. Runtime is said to be 14 hours on high and 67 hours on low. Light can be focused in one direction (and the back of the lantern darkened) by twisting the lamps one way; twisting them the other way results in even brightness all around the lantern. Available: October 2014. Price: $59.

M12 FUEL Hackzall recip saw (model 2520). A larger more powerful successor to the existing M12 Hackzall, this brushless one-handed saw is still not as big as the M18 version. It has a stroke length of 5/8 inches and cranks up to 3,000 strokes per minute. Available: now. Price: $140 (tool only)

Adjustable Hole Cutter. This twin-bladed scoring cutter is for making circular holes in soft, nonstructural material such as drywall and ceiling tiles. The simple plastic debris shield is spring-loaded to keep it tight against the surface; the shield stays put while the bit spins freely inside. The hole size adjusts from two to seven inches in diameter in 1/4-inch increments and can be locked in place without the use of tools. Click here to see this tool in action.

In addition to black, Inkzall Permanent Markers will now be available in red, blue and green. Intended for use on the jobsite, these markers are designed to write on wet, oily, and dusty surfaces. Markers are available for making thick (Chisel Tip) and thin (Fine Point) lines. Available: October 2014 (black is available now). Price: varies.

This model 2621 Sawzall is a replacement for the current standard motor (brushed) recip saw in the M18 line. It is said to cut faster and longer, even though it lacks the full-time orbital action of its predecessor. Like the previous model the saw has a fixed shoe; an adjustable shoe is a “step-up” feature available on the FUEL model only. Click here to see this tool in action. Available: October 2014.

Stop Lock Hand Clamps are available in 2-inch (48-22-3002) and 4-inch (48-22-3004) models. The polymer pads won’t come off because they are riveted in place and the Stop Lock mechanism won’t back off until you press the release. The body of the clamp is made from resin; the hardware is metal. Available: now. Price $6 (2-inch); $8 (4-inch).

M12 Polisher/Sander (model 2438). Designed primarily for auto bodywork paint prep and finishing, this 12-volt max variable speed tool accepts a small rotary sanding pad, buffing pad, or polishing bonnet. It’s a curious foray into automotive from a brand that usually focuses on construction tools. But as it was explained to me, this is the first step on the way to getting pros to replace their air tools with ones powered by batteries. Available: now. Price: $150 (tool plus bag and accessories)

Jobsite Backpack (model 48-22-8200). Milwaukee’s new tool pack has padded straps and a pocket for storing a laptop or tablet. Features include a top handle, multiple interior pouches, and a fold-down pocket on the front that will accommodate extension cords, fish tapes, and other large items.

The manikins in the photo are wearing just a few of the recent additions to the heated clothing line. Milwaukee invented this category and offers more heated work wear and hunting gear than any other manufacturer. More on this later...

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