37 Tools Seen at WOC 2016

Concrete and industrial equipment was in abundance at the show. Here, an excavator from Hyundai sat atop a pile of rubble and was demonstrated throughout the show. Not every tool at the show required special licensing to operate…

The CSM180 from Bosch isn’t new, but it was the first time I got to try it out. It zipped through this metal strut with ease and best of all, no metal shrapnel pinged my skin. The weight and power combination was impressive.

Dust control was the big theme at WOC this year. Here, Bosch released it’s Speed Clean bit which they tout as drilling faster than conventional bits. The hollow bit comes equipped with a vacuum attachment which will suck concrete dust out of the hole as it’s being drilled.

Here the RH1255VC 2in. SDS-max rotary hammer equipped with a Speed Clean Bit. Note the area around the hole: a conventional bit would eave an ant-hill like mound of dust around the hole and some left inside. This bit left the hole clean.

Ever pay attention to all the different sizes and shapes that earplugs come in? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably noticed that some work better in your ears than others. 3M developed the E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System which measures each person’s unique level of protection.

Kohler showed off its new enCUBE battery-powered indoor/outdoor inverter generator. It won’t run a jobstie’s-worth of tools, but at 1440 watts it can handle some tools’ power needs. The unit can be charged with a 120V AC wall outlet or solar panel.

Skid steer concrete mixer attachments like these aren’t anything new, but they were fun to see in person just the same.

Fiskars introduced its new line of hammers at the show which is equipped with their IsoCore shock absorbing system. The display shows all of the pieces that make up the hammer, which cannot be disassembled – it’s shown this way simply for illustration purposes. A 16 oz finish hammer goes for $45; the 22 oz. framing hammer is $60.

Advanced layout systems were a big feature at the show. Hilti showed off their PLT 300, which is a layout system designed to be operated by one person. The system comes with a tablet with a 7-in. display that is permanently connected wirelessly to the unit.

Hilti also introduced their ON!Track tool management system, which can be fully customized to fit each construction company’s needs. The system relies on a bar code and microchip that is attached to each tool and then scanned. Once in the system the tool can be tracked for maintenance, location, etc.

Hilti improved their HIT-RE 500 Adhesive anchor system with the HIT-RE 500 V3, which they also announced at the show. This epoxy is the first of its kind that will cure in freezing temperatures (it’s range is 23F to 104F). And, like Bosch, they have a new hollow-core hammer drill bit system, the TE-CD.

Listening to customers’ desire for a simpler way to replace pull cords on their gas cut-off saws, Hilti redesigned their pulley mechanism to make cord replacement a painless process. All of their new saws now come with a maintenance kit, which includes a replacement cord.

Notice anything missing? Hilti’s DSH 700 and DSH 900 gas-powered cut-off saws have a new starting technology that eliminates the need for a manual choke. Hilti calls it Easy Start technology: flip a switch and pull the cord.

Hilti’s new Equidist SPX, SP and P diamond blades were on display and being demonstrated at the show. The segmented SPX, shown here, is made up of segments with diamonds that are actually arranged in an alternating pattern which Hilti claims makes for a smoother, faster cut.

Haaga Sweepers were being demonstrated outside their booth. This model, the 477, is a manually-driven heavy-duty was picking up everything from dirt to water bottles. Larger battery powered sweepers were shown as well. They aren’t cheap (smaller models run about $330, and larger ones can go for as much as $1900, with variations in between), but they did a great job of cleaning up easily and efficiently.

Fiskars’ IsoCore technology was also being demonstrated in their newly released maul-like sledge hammer. The wedged demolition face is designed to spray debris like concrete outward when struck. Like their new hammers, an internal insulation sleeve is designed to absorb shock. An 8lb. sledge goes for $65.

Dust collection was the big theme at the show. Here, DeWalt showed off the efficacy of it’s own dust extraction system when using an angle grinder to surface concrete. Notice the inset photo where no dust extraction is used. Stay tuned for video of DeWalt’s tools at the booth, which includes demonstrations of their hammer drills and chippers. I shot the video and so wasn’t able to capture any stills.

Arbortech had it’s AS170 brick and mortar saw which is, in a nutshell, a multi-tool for masonry and concrete. The company’s new caulking blade system allow you to remove caulk and backer rod while cleaning up the groove all in one pass. Small blades also allow you to plunge cut holes in masonry as well as headjoints. www.as170.com

Enerpac introduced its new double-acting valve XC series hydraulic pumps, which run on Milwaukee’s M28 battery platform. The pump can create up to 10,000 psi of pressure.

Generators of all kinds were on display all over WOC, many touting “clean power” as a big benefit. This unit from Kapur comes with remote start, a new feature found on many of their generators.

Inspired Construction Products had their Tilt Up Brackets on display at the show. The polypropylene bracket attaches to lumber up to 8-in. high and folds up when not in use. www.icppro.com

Tired of bending over to manually screed concrete? These ApeArms from Inspired Construction Products allow you to stand to perform this task. The arms are telescoping so they can be adjusted based on your height and the leverage you need. www.icppro.com

Sortimo had a subtle but effective display inside a Ram van in the Bosch booth. The modular system consists of various components that include drawers and pull-out bins that lock in place. www.sortimo.com

Hitachi introduced their line of new rotary hammers equipped with brushless motors, their UVP (user vibration protection) and AHB (aluminum housing body).

Hitachi also displayed their new (and very first) gas-powered cut-off saw. It’s still so new they don’t even have it listed on their website. We’ll be covering when it’s officially released. You can keep an eye out for it on their site www.hitachipowertools.com

Makita’s 36V line of tools is expanding. Their latest model to join the lineup is this cordless reciprocating which, like their other 36V tools, runs on two 18V batteries so you don’t have to invest in a new battery platform.

These 18V high-torque square drive impact wrenches were available to test and buy at the show. The ½-in. model has a max torgue of 740 ft. lbs. and weighs 7.9 lbs.

Here’s a first of its kind LED work light set from Makita that can be run on 18V battery platform, or plugged in.

Metabo showed off their SDS Plus 36V cordless hammer drill and dust system. They mentioned a battery adapter that’s in development for using two 18V batteries in their 36V tool line. The new dust shroud sticks to the wall and pulls dust into the vacuum at the same time.

Here Metabo illustrates the adjustable dust shroud on their new 5-in. concrete grinder allowing you to get tight to a wall. This was a feature found on several new grinders at the show among several other tool brands.

Knaack unveiled their Thermosteel jobsite box which features heated storage. An area within the box can store temperature sensitive adhesives and caulks as well as tool. www.knaack.com

Though it’s not new, we found Albion’s Cold Weather high fiscosity caulk gun worth noting in case some readers aren’t already aware of it. The 26:1 thrust ratio gun is designed for dispensing thicker materials easily. At about $35, they’re an investment and can be rebuilt as parts wear out. www.albioneng.com

We found this hydraulic deck chipping hammer cool, what with its own kick stand and all. The design is supposed to minimize user fatigue. www.rnpind.com

Inflatable light stands, aka Balloon lights, like these were in good supply at the show. Mostly intended for industrial use, some manufacturers offer similarly styled lighting for smaller jobsites. We’ll be exploring these options as they become available.

Though not new to the market, this E-Z Floor Guard system from Trimaco was new to us. Intended to replace booties, this system consists of a roll of film set inside a pod. Step into the pod and the film sticks to the bottom of your shoe. When you remove your foot the roll unravels and cuts away like Saran wrap. www.ezfloorguards.com

Alta Industries, known for their knee protection and other construction-related gear (AltaGEAR), displayed a prototype tool belt system that is lightweight, has an aluminum band around one of the pouches for clipping tools to, and holds removable bags.

Alta Industries, known for their knee protection and other construction-related gear (AltaGEAR), displayed a prototype tool belt system that is lightweight, has an aluminum band around one of the pouches for clipping tools to, and holds removable bags.

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