4 New Shop Machines from JET

14-inch Steel Frame Band Saw (Model #714500) This new band saw seems to take some styling cues and features from the last-year’s super-premium 15-inch Powermatic saw. “Steel frame” refers to the fact that the frame is made from welded tubular steel instead of the cast iron used in earlier models. --The saw boasts an impressive 13 1/2-inch resaw height and 13 1/2-inch width capacity. --Solid machine weighs in at over 350 pounds. --1 3/4 hp motor that can run on 115 or 230 volt power. --Upper and lower dust collection ports in the lower cabinet. --Tool-free adjustment of the saw’s 10 ball bearing blade guides. --Quick-acting blade tensioning/de-tensioning lever. --Extra-tall rip fence for resawing and milling wide boards. --Crank arm for precisely dialing in table angle; 10-degrees to the left and 45-degrees to the right --Fits blades up to 3/4-inch wide. -- MSRP: $1,900

The band saw includes a heavy steel fence with a fine adjustment mechanism. The fence can be flipped and used on-edge for resawing (as shown) or on the flat when ripping thin material.

The blade guides are heavily constructed – solid brass and steel with knurled metal lock knobs

Woodworking Lathes (JWL-1015VS shown here) JET introduced two nearly identical models. The JWL-1015 has a single-speed motor and by changing the configuration of belts and pulleys can be run at six fixed speeds from 500-3,950 rpm. The JWL-1015VS has a variable-speed motor and is infinitely adjustable within three ranges determined by the configuration of belts and pulleys: 200-1050 rpm, 300-1,750 rpm, and 600-3,600 rpm. Both models share the following specs: --15 1/2 inches between centers, 10-inch diameter swing over bed. --Wider cast iron bed ways provide better stability for banjo and tailstock. --24 index stop positions; set 15-degrees apart. --Hollow tailstock allows for boring through work piece. --Cast iron construction; base model is 73 pounds, VS model 78 pounds. --Optional bed extension stretches the mini-lathes --- Six fixed speeds from 500-3,975 rpm -- MSRP: $480 (JWL-1015); $580 (JWL-1015VS) Accessories that fit either lathe include JWL-1015 Bed Extension (#719101, $130), JWL-1015 Stand (#719102; $240), and JWL-1015 Stand Extension (#719103; $100)

JET 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder (Model #726100) A woodworking grinder runs at half the speed of a typical bench grinder to specialize in sharpening tools without overheating cutting edges. This new grinder comes with upgraded Norton-brand wheels suited for finish grinding instead of rough grinding. --8-inch diameter wheels run cooler and leave flatter hollow-grinds than 6-inch models. --Low 1,725 rpm wheel speed. --Comes with fine grade 80- and 100-grit, 1-inch wide wheels. --1/2 hp motor; 5/8-inch shaft. --Patent-pending oversize tool rests with machined faces and inscribed lines parallel to the wheels. --Tool rests adjust along a 45-degree range marked in 1-degree increments for repeatability. --MSRP: $330

This is looking through the door into the machine room.

Here’s the rest of the room. You can tell by the markings on the floor that the original machines were recently replaced.

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