50-year Stanley Tape Measure

The first of five commemorative tapes from Stanley.

The Lufkin Donut has a 6-foot stainless steel blade. It probably cost plenty new.

The Donut was aptly named. Homer Simpson's grandpa probably had one of these.

Front view of Lufkin Pee-Wee 8-foot tape

Lufkin Pee-Wee from the back; now we know it's old!

Another round tape. Never heard of Monitor. Nice metal case, though.

It says made by Master. I wonder if that's the same company that makes locks.

No one knew it at the time, but this is when things began to go wrong. Look it's partially metric.

A give-away item.

This tape was made by Zippo. I guess people used to like to light things on fire and then measure them.

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