A Dustless Siding Shear From Bullet Tools

The Bullet Magnum Shear 620, shown here on a siding job. The shear features fully housed ball bearings and aluminum components as well as two bevel guides for making left or right hand cuts. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Making a cut is as simple as aligning the blade with the cut line, securing the piece, then pulling the leaver down to "chop" it. The handle extends for added leverage (and is shown in the shortened mode here).

An aluminum fence on both sides of the shear allows for fine-tuning the angle cut. Here, a bevel square sets the angle and a thumb screw locks it into postion.

Cut lines are easy to align with the blade, making for accurate cuts. A built-in laser (shown with the red button, though not turned on) is meant to offer additional aide but in bright light and on light colored materials it can be hard to read, rendering it unnecessary.

A closeup view of the cut. This model can cut select materials up to 1" thick.

After the cut, the shear leaves a sliver of siding about 1/16" and a clean, crisp edge.

Even with the stand (sold separately), it's necessary to have additional means to support material when making angled cuts.

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