An Awesome Dust Control System for Drywall


When attached to the pole (top photo), the Radius 360 Air pivots and rotates for full range of motion. The circular head accepts regular radius 360 sanding discs; no need for holes in the paper or using sanding screen. The brushes around the disk (bottom photo) contain the dust which is directed to the edges of the disc where it is sucked away.

The Flex Air, shown here, is for corner and detail sanding. The “no flip” patented pole swivel is designed to keep the Flex Air in a working position for ease of use and uninterrupted sanding. It uses specially made sandpaper and pads (top photo), which are available in a variety of grits. Clips secure the sandpaper via rare earth magnets (bottom photo).

Both sanding heads can be used with the hand-held base (top photo), or the pole base (bottom photo). The hand-held base and pole base each can be connected to a vacuum for dustless sanding.

The pole attachment comes in two sections. Here, Fergeson sands using only one section (left). Hose attachements (right; included) lock onto the pole assembly for a secure fit.

The Flex Air head equipped with the hand-base attaches to a hose and vacuum for dustless detail sainding and is ideal for corners.

Although the Radius 360 Air (left) appears to be larger, it accepts the same sanding discs as the original Radius 360 (right).

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