Bosch L-Boxx

In concept, L-Boxxes are similar to Systainers: All L-Boxxes share the same footprint, can be stacked and locked together.

Current offerings include four boxes, an organizer with removable bins, and the L-Boxx 3D — an interesting customizable storage box.

You stack boxes so they align, push down on top, and the spring-loaded clips latch on to the box below.

The three smallest boxes also have front-mounted handles so you can carry them from the side, suitcase style.

We were particularly impressed with the L-Boxx-3D.

The L-Boxx-3D has a shallow compartment under the lid and a large front opening into which drawers or compartmentalized organizers called i-Boxxes can be inserted.

Bosch also offers a four-wheel flat similar to a mover's dolly.

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