Brushless Impact Driver Teardown

DeWalt DCF895 Brushless Impact Driver – shown here with compact battery. Let the teardown begin.

Remove Torx screws that hold clamshell housing halves together.

Remove Phillips head screws that hold gear housing in place.

Peel rubber cover off end of gear housing.

After removing two Phillips head screws lift off the hex chuck access cover.

Pull out spring-loaded accessory release button (you load bits by pushing them into the chuck; to get them out you must push this button).

Lift off ring that contains the three LED lights.

After peeling off the adhesive stickers that span the joint pull the housing apart and remove the mechanical parts.

This is the speed selector switch (the tool has three speeds).

Unclip wiring harness from electronic controller.

Remove Phillips head screws from back of controller.

Pull controller off the bearing on the back of the rotor (the rotor is the part of the motor that spins).

Pull stator off of rotor (it’s tough because a powerful magnet in the rotor is holding it on).


Here are the main components of the brushless motor. Brushless motors are more durable (no brushes or commutator to wear out) and more efficient (so they boost the runtime of cordless tools) than conventional brushed motors.

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