Can't Get it Here: DeWalt RAS

1940's model before restoration (courtesy of Curt Roberts

1940's model after restoration (courtesy of Curt Roberts)

1958 model after original owner left it outside for 8 months (courtesy Rick Parfitt)

1958 model after restoration (courtesy Rick Parfitt)

5_16 model from 1947 (courtesy of Kyle Davison)

1955 model (courtesy of Kevin Looker)

Badge from 1955 model; at this time the tools were made in Lancaster, PA (courtesy of Kevin Looker)

Mid-1960's model restored and still being used (courtesy of Michael Fitterling)

1947 model after restoration (courtesy of Kyle Davison).

Bonus - the blogger using a RAS in the late 1970s (courtesy of Bonnie Krasik)

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