DeWalt and Makita Jobsite Radios

The DCR015 can be powered by a 20V MAX battery (not shown) that fits into a compartment on the back of the housing. When the cord (lower left) is plugged in the radio can be used to charge the battery.

On the right side of the radio are two 110-volt receptacles and a wrap for the cord.

The storage box on the left of the unit contains an auxiliary input (top) and a USB port for charging media players and phones. It’s large enough (just barely) to hold a Samsung S3 in an Otterbox case. The author usually leaves the box open so he can access the media player.

Makita’s LXRM0B3 is taller and narrower than the average jobsite radio and the speakers are placed on the sides.

The radio can be powered by an AC adaptor (supplied) that plugs into the front of the unit or by 9.6-volt to 18-volt slide-style batteries that fit into a compartment on back. It does not charge batteries.


Media players can be connected to the radio by an auxiliary input and played through the speakers. Apple products (iPods and iPhones) can be plugged into a dock on the top of the unit and played or charged without the use of a cord.

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