Dewalt DCN660 Finish Nailer

The tool-free jam release is convenient and easy to use. As with most nail guns available today, the mechanism moves effortlessly. DeWalt recommends removing the battery before clearing a jam.

A release lever is available should the driver blade get stuck in the down position causing the tool to stall. No more fussing with having to push it back up with a flat-head screwdriver or clip of nails.

A depth adjustment dial, visible to the left of the magazine, is accessible on the right side of the tool. The depth gauge is nicely designed because it clearly shows the depth at which the tool currently is firing, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly.

Sliding the switch over reveals a symbol of three nails, indicating bump action mode. This mode works like pneumatic guns: keep the trigger depressed and it will fire every time you bump the tip. The gun also works in sequential mode in this setting.

A symbol of a single nail indicates sequential mode. In this mode you’ll need to fully depress the nosepiece, pull the trigger, release the trigger, then lift the nosepiece to reset the firing mode – a function that will be familiar to most and is consistent with typical work methods.

Unlike most cordless tools that offer spot lighting that illuminates the area directly in front of the tool’s nose, this finish gun has two LED lights that splash light around the work area. The left-side light will flash four times to indicate low battery. The right-side battery will flash continually to indicate a nail jam.

The built-in battery gauge shows four levels: Three lights = 75-100% charged; Two light = 51-74% charged; One light = < 50% charged; No lights = pack is empty.

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