DeWalt DW0822 Slideshow

The DW0822 projects a horizontal and vertical line plus dots up and down. The push button controls are on the side to the right; that switch on the front is the pendulum lock--which prevents the internal mechanism from banging around during transport or being damaged in a fall.

With the laser pivoted sideways on the bracket the down dot is clearly visible to the rear. The up dot is projected through the circular opening on the top of the tool. If the ceiling was visible in this photo you could see the dot there--directly above the down dot.

Here's a look at the cross beams. The horizontal beam has a spread of almost 180 degrees.

A notch in the front of the housing allows you to bring the down dot in line with the edge of a 2-by plate. If the wall is plumb at this location the dot projected from the top of the tool will just kiss the edge of the top plate.

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