The DCD790 is DeWalt’s first brushless drill/driver. Features include a two-speed gear box, LED light with a 20-second delay, and an all-metal chuck (a rarity on compact models). The tool will be sold bare or in a kit with 2.0 Ah XR batteries (DCD790D2 - $219-239).

The DCD795 is DeWalt’s first brushless hammer drill/driver. Like the drill/driver on the slide before, it has an all metal chuck and an LED light with a 20-second delay. It’s is currently offered in a kit with two 2.0 Ah XR battery packs (DCD795D2 - $239-259).

On the left is the DCD780, a brushed drill/driver that came out in 2011. To the right is the DCD790, a brushless model that has just been released. The brushed model is shown with a 1.5 Ah battery; the brushless with a 2.0 Ah XR pack. The LED light is above the trigger on the earlier model – a less desirable location given that it will cause the chuck to shadow the beam. On the newer tool, the light projects up from the base so the chuck won’t shadow it.

Runtime was tested by drilling 3/8-inch holes with a twist drill bit through 2-by material. There are 183 holes in this board – made by a brushed drill/driver (DCD780) equipped with a 1.5 Ah battery. The drill can be seen on the right side of the photo.

Equipped with a 2.0 Ah XR battery, the brushless drill/driver (DCD790) was able to drill 381 3/8-inch holes through 2-by material.

According to DeWalt, the new brushless drill/driver (with a 2.0 Ah pack) can drive 1,737 1 1/4-inch drywall screws per charge to the older brushed drill/driver’s (with a 1.5 Ah pack) 640.

The best thing about media events – you get to try out the latest tools before they’re available for purchase. I liked DeWalt’s brushed compact drill/driver. I like this brushless model even more.

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