Festool CT SYS HEPA Vac

The Festool Dust Extractor CT SYS - 584174 is a full-featured portable dust extractor that is also HEPA-certified. It includes a removable hose and cord carriage, tool-triggered functionality, a shoulder strap, and Systainer integration. At $375, it's not the least expensive portable dust extractor on the market. But it is the smallest HEPA-certified vac on the market.

The CT SYS features a tool-activated outlet and switch. You can choose between Auto and Manual modes. At 12 amps, the CT SYS is rated for tools with a low amp draw like sanders and jig saws.

Connecting and disconnecting the power cord was a bit awkward, but I like how the way the cord is protected here because it seems to eliminate potential fraying. It's hard to get your fingers in to remove it. If you're wearing gloves, even thinner work gloves, messing with this connection point will likely be all but impossible.

The hose and cord cart can be removed to make the unit more portable if, say, you want to mount the carry strap to the side for more mobility.

There's onboard storage for two hose attachments (included) beneath the cover.

The dust canister is removable for easy cleaning and to inspect / change the filter. The canister can be used with or without the dust bag.

Here, the dust bag has been removed to show the canister. It's large enough to fit a good deal of fine dust from sanding or when making small cuts.

The CT SYS converts easily and quickly to a blower as well, by mounting the hose to this exhaust port.

The slots on the side don't offer a very stout connection for the shoulder strap. I learned this when hopping off a stool with the CT SYS over my shoulder. When I landed the clip popped out of it's slot here. Using the top mounts is recommended if you'll be moving up and down on a ladder or otherwise moving around quickly. I wished the tabs had been a little larger on these clips, which probably would eliminate the issue altogether.

Clipping the shoulder strap to mounts found inside of the cord / hose housing provides a much more secure connection than mounting the strap to the side slides.

Just for grins, Myron Ferguson and I hooked the CT SYS up to his Radius 360 sander and we were both impressed with how the it performed. The Radius 360 isn’t a power sander, and we had to add an extention hose to the unit so it really put the CT SYS to the test. It captured a majority of the dust, though left some in the hose. It’s not the best scenario for the unit given the size of the dust well and bag, but in a pinch and for small areas it works fine.

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