Festool Systainers

Shipped as standard carrying cases with specific inserts

ABS plastic boxes can be stacked and latched together allowing several tools to be moved at once.

The top handle recesses into the lid so another box can be stacked on top of it; the two boxes are joined at the rear by mating slots and tabs and at the front by a rotating T-Loc mechanism.

Older Systainers and current Tanos boxes use clip-like latches to hold lids closed and gang boxes together.

We often put multiple similar tools, such as drill and impact drivers, into a single Systainer.

These jumbo-size boxes have twice the footprint of standard models, but they're still modular. You can gang them to each other or put a pair of standard-size Systainers on top.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the Mini Systainers.

Another variation of the Systainer is the Sortainer, a modular box with drawers.

The SysRoll hand truck is a four-wheel carrier with an upright back that doubles as a handle.

The SysCart resembles a mover's dolly and has clips to hold a Systainer on top.

We particularly like Tanos' Folding Trolley. The large wheels roll easily over rough terrain, and it folds flat (5 inches thick) when not in use

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