Field Tested: Stabila LAX300 Laser

The LAX300 shoots a plumb and level lines and a plumb dot, and has an accuracy of 3/8" over 100'. Manufacturer specs say that the lines are visible up to 60', though that would depend on the lighting. The author found the lines plenty visible in larder rooms during the framing stages of construction.

In the "OFF" postion the pendulum locks, protecting it from falls and drops. Uhler believes this feature is a "must have' due to the amount of times a laser gets knocked over and dropped on a jobsite.

The self-leveling unit projects a plumb dot, plumb line, horisontal line, and horizontal and plumb lines together for square. Functions are toggled through by pressing the botton on the side of the level. A separate LED dot on this side begins to glow amber when about four hours of runtime remain.

For outdoor work the laser pulses so that it can be used with a receiver (sold separately). Uhler found the level compatible with the PLS receiver that he already had on hand.


A height-adjustable foot releases and locks at the flip of a lever, allowing you to fine-tune the elevation of the horizontal laser line. Extending it gives a clear view of the downward plumb point. Uhler and his crew found it a little top-heavy in this position, so it knocked over easily.

A base, which Stabila refers to as a "framing base" screws to the bottom of the unit, rasing it up so that the lower plumb dot line is visible. The laser is more stable and less likely to tip with this base than it is with the built-in adjustable height "foot". Uhler and his crew found that the adjustable foot made the unit top heavy and more prone to tipping.

Thanks to internal rare earth magnets, the unit can be mounted to a metal wall mount bracket (included).

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