How Tradesmen Outfit Their Pickups

No surprise here; the most popular truck accessories among all respondents were racks and cross boxes.

The economic downturn changed a lot of things, but it didn’t change the way people outfit their trucks; contractors used pretty much the same accessories in 2014 as in 2011.

Remodelers are as likely to put caps on their trucks as GCs. But they are evidently on tighter budgets because almost 90% GCs who have caps have fiberglass caps. Only 60% of remodelers who have caps have fiberglass caps; the rest have aluminum.

GCs equip their trucks in similar fashion to remodelers. They are slightly more likely to have racks and far more likely to have cross boxes.

Finish carpenters haul expensive tools and material so of course they want them to be under cover; of those who drive pickups 45% use caps.

Handymen are more likely than other trades to use tonneau covers.

Electricians are the only trade queried for whom side boxes are more popular than cross boxes.

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