How Tradesmen Outfit Their Vans

In 2011 roughly 2 out of 3 tradesmen who had vans or cube van outfitted them with shelving.


In 2014 the same proportion of tradesmen outfitted their vans and cube vans with shelving as in 2011, but they were slightly more likely to build the shelving themselves. Given what we know of the age of vehicles owned by tradesmen, it’s reasonable to assume the economy had something to do with why the proportion who owned manufactured shelving fell between 2011 and 2014.

Those GCs who own vans fit them out pretty much the same way as everyone else—though really, they are less likely than others to drive van in the first place.

Finish carpenters want shelving and are willing to make their own.

Electricians clearly do not want to fool with building their own shelving—they buy manufactured.

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