Iron Dog Tool Gear

Individual pouches are mounted inside Ryan’s van via their integral clip. Each pouch is outfitted with tools for specific tasks, and can be added or swapped out onto the tool belt as needed.

Customized aluminum brackets mounted to the inside of the van door hold more Iron Dog accessories. Having pencils and bits in full view and easily accessible is appreciated by all on the crew.

The tool belt is equipped with a series of loops that resemble the gun belt of the Wild West. Each Iron Dog pouch and accessory is equipped with metal clips that attached to the belt’s loops. The pouches can even be layered together, as seen in the next slide.

The speed square pouch, which Ryan clips directly to the belt, holds a deep nail bag which holds a shallow nail bag and water bottle holder.

For jobs that don’t call for a full tool belt rig, individual accessories can be mounted to a standard belt.

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