Keen Work Boots

These water-proof low-tops look like hiking boots but have composite safety toes and are designed for work. They retail for $130-140.

The tread meets or exceeds ASTM F1677-96 Mark II non-slip testing standards, which is another way of saying – it grips better than the tread on most other shoes.

Keen’s industrial boots are named after blue-collar cities like Flint, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. But the person who named the colors was thinking “fashion”. These are “Dark Earth Apricot”; the other color scheme is “Raven/Ensign Blue”. At work you could probably get away with calling them brown or blue.

This is a mid-top; Keen also makes this shoe in a low-top. It has a steel toe and retails for about $120.

These low-tops have a composite toe.

The soles on these boots appear to be identical to those on the Lexington – which explains why both are so grippy.

This Albany shoe is Slate/Black Gargoyle. The shoes in the previous two slides were Black/Bossa Nova. At work, just call them grey or black.

These waterproof boots have steel safety toes and retail for $140-150. They also come in low-tops.

These are more heavily lugged than the other Keens we tried.

Here’s a manufacturer’s shot. They look better when they’re not all muddy.

Tim Uhler is light on his toes in his Lexingtons.

Kyle Davis has cleared the runway and his Detroits are up.

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