Like Disney World for Contractors

Too bad it's only a display. If this thing worked it could probably core all the way to China.

This guy won a Makita impact driver and got to pose with the RockStar girls.

A row of telehandlers.

It's yours if you can get it down. Not really - the truck on the scaffolding went to the winner of the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500.

Masons and tenders hard at work in the Bricklayer 500 contest. The mason who lays the most brick in an hour wins.

Concrete pump trucks - makes you wonder how they got all of the boom arms in there like that.

Power trowels in action

This rotary hammer may not be real - but it is real big.

A Bosch demo hammer

A selection of Husqvarna pavement saws

It's big. It looks expensive. And I have absolutely no idea what it does.

A dust collecting cut saw

Generator with a very heavy-duty frame

More concrete pump trucks...

...and even more concrete pump trucks

Now that's one big hole saw.

A crushing attachment for demo work.

A big engine

An even bigger engine

This concrete Scrabble board was produced at the show and is about 8 foot square...

... look closely and you can see the aggregate and how they created the illusion of wood grain on the tiles.

I don't know what this thing does, but I do know that I would not want to fall into it.

A powder-actuated fastening gun - really big, but not real.

Big Saw

Big, bigger, and biggest saw blades.

After the block laying contest

Cut-away of a Hilti's new combination rotary hammer.

Decorative concrete work

A mini excavator

A portable - well, kind of portable - concrete batch plant.

Sand sculpture at Marshalltown's booth

Sand sculptor at work

It so happens that the sandman is wearing Blaklader pants.

A remote control breaker

John Deere's equipment simulator allows you to practice operating a machine without any chance that you'll damage anything.


This is not just a display - it's a fully stocked White Cap supply store inside the exhibition hall.

A small machine for bending rebar into various shapes.

One of many skid steers on display at the show.

Last year we saw a prototype of this vac. This one is the real thing.

This guy is hanging from a pair of Blaklader pants to show how tough they are. Participants were given a tshirt that's too tasteless to be shown.

Inside the South exhibition hall


If it can lift a concrete truck then it can lift about anything.

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