Metabo Media Event 2016

A table set up outside of the event conference room displayed earlier versions of some current products. Shown here is Metabo's cordless 9.6V barrel grip jigsaw. It had four stroke settings, a dial to adjust the speed, and a variable speed trigger. The new version of this, STA 18 LTX 140, still has four stroke settings, a variable speed trigger, and speed dial. But at 6.4 pounds, including the battery, we're guessing it's considerably lighter than the older 9.6V.

Here, the new KFMPB 15-10 F chamfers a steel plate with more precision than a conventional router. This tool can chamfer up to 10mm and features a paddle switch and brake system. You can set the plates from 0° and 90°. What was cool to see with this model is the tool-free depth adjustment that can be adjusted in .1 steps. It has a power brake, overload protection, and soft start. Cost: $2,800

Here, the new KFMPB 15-10 F chamfers a large steel pipe. You can't see it in this picture, but there's a stop roller attached to the tool's plate that's riding along the pipe on the inside. The whole setup was reminiscent of a standard can opener except that the resulting edge here was smooth and perfect.

Here's a look at the edge left by the beveling tools in the previous slide.

The AV 18 is a cordless fan that Metabo released last year. It runs on their LiHD 18V battery platform and can run for 7 hours (presuming on “low”) on a 5.2-Ah battery. Here it’s mounted on a tripod via an integrated mounting plate and tripod socket. Both the housing and blades are metal, and it has three speed settings: Low, Medium, High. Cost: approx. $155 (bare).

The BSA 14.4-18 LED is hanging here from a built-in magnet. It runs on Metabo’s 14.4V and 18V Li-Power and LiHD battery platforms. The head swivels through 180° and the magnetic base can also be mounted to a 5/8-11 tripod. It has two settings: 1,100 and 1,800 lumens. Cost: $150 (bare)

Here we watached a demonstration of Metabo's well-known cut-off wheel called "Slicer" race agasint two other brands' cut-off wheels. The guy kneeling was in the middle with the Slicer. He's nearly finished with the cut while the guy on the right lost his wheel and the guy on the left, whom you can't see, is still standing. It was a typical "shoot-out" we see at a lot of these events. And while it's not surprising the the Metabo won the race, it was still impressive to see it in action.

This is the WPF 18 LTX 125—a cordless flat-head angle grinder. It’s designed, as the display illustrates, to fit into tight spaces. We’ve seen this grinder many times before and Metabo is very proud of it. It has a no-load speed of 8,000 /min and weighs 5.3 lbs. It’s one of those tools you don’t necessarily need all the time, depending upon your trade, but when you do need it, you’ll be glad to have it. Cost: $250 (bare).

Here’s sneak-peak at the newest angle grinder from Metabo cutting through a guardrail mock-up in the display tent. What size is it? And is it corded or cordless? Check out the next slide to find out.

It’s the 9-inch Cordless angle grinder from Metabo—the latest addition to its grinder line. The WPB 36 LTX BL 230 is equipped with a brushless motor, and runs off of Metabo’s new 36V LiHD battery platform. The 36V batteries feature larger cells than previous versions (and competitors’)—allowing for more Watts output and better runtimes. It has a large grip and paddle switch, and the handle swivels so you can adjust it to run at multiple angles. It also includes Metabo’s fast brake system. Cost: TBD.

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