Milwaukee Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Here is how the gun looks when configured for 10-ounce tubes. It can be purchased this way (model 2441) or adapted by changing out the drive rod and carrier. The gun is said to be able to dispense up to 150 10-ounce tubes per charge. The actual number would depend on the temperature and the type of material you're dispensing.

When configured for quart-tubes the M12 gun is heavier than the pneumatic caulk gun we normally use. But we like it better because it's easier to glue subflooring when you're not trailing a hose.

The manufacturer claims the gun will dispense up to 150 10-ounce tubes per charge but does not say how many quart tubes it will do. The one time we counted we got 12 quart tubes of subfloor adhesive from about half of a charge. Our estimate of what was left in the battery was very rough because we got by reading the fuel gauge.

There are six different speed settings, which can be changed to suit the temperature of the material and type of work you are doing. When you release the trigger, the motor retracts the rod about 1/4 inch so the gun stops dispensing material. The battery gauge can be seen on the back.

Here it is in the quart-size configuration (model 2444). The body of the tool (motor and grip) can be adapted to 10-ounce tubes and sausage tubes by changing out the drive rod and barrel. These parts come in adapter kits and go for about $30. Shown here with a 3-cell compact battery pack, the gun also works with 6-cell extended capacity packs.

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