Milwaukee M18 Trueview LED Flood and Stand Light

With three modes for light output - 3000, 1500, and 650 lumens – the Trueview M18 LED Flood Light is compact. The head rotates 240 degrees and is protected by the roll cage style housing.

According to Milwaukee, the color of the LED light is a neutral white with a high color rendering, which means the color of the light is more “realistic”. The author maintains that the result is a more comfortable light.

At 7’ when fully extended, the TrueView head can be articulated in any direction. The unit also sets up quickly due to quick-release lever features.

The battery acts as a counterbalance, keeping the stand from tipping easily. Legs extend into a triangle 26” on each side so the unit tucks easily into corners.

With 3 modes – 2000, 1300, and 850 lumens – the Trueview M18 LED Stand Light can illuminate large areas with comfortable light color from various heights.


For comparison, here is a 400 watt Wobble light illuminating the same work area.

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