T-Shirts of WOC

MCAA is the Masonry Contractors Association of America. The Fastest Trowel block laying contest was held at WOC.

Proline makes tools for decorative concrete work

LIUNA is the Laborers' International Union of North America

I have no idea who this is, but I like the shirt and dew rag

M.E.T is a masonry supplier in Australia. This guy was there to cheer on Ron Eliot, an Australian mason who competed in the Bricklayer 500.

Spectator at the Bricklayer 500. Like the brick pattern on the shirt.

Boral Bricks, a sponsor of the Bricklayer 500, made this shirt for the show.

Another spectator. Nice shirt.

Part of the cheering section for Dave Moyle, a competitor from Sumner, Iowa. The Pope's endorsement didn't help, because this year Moyle failed to make the podium.

Spectator. That truck in the background is one of the prizes awarded to the winner.

Masonry Contractors Association of America.

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