Who Makes the Best Construction Vehicles?

Ford work vehicles are clearly more popular than those of second place Chevy. Though the difference is less if you lump GMC in with Chevy—which makes a certain amount of sense given that both are part of the same company.

Close to half of the people who responded to the survey are remodelers, so it should be no surprise that their preferences mirror those of all who answered the survey.

GCs doing new construction like Ford more and Chevy less than remodelers. We can’t know why without asking more questions, though the difference may have something to do with the relative popularity of trucks and vans. Remodelers are almost three times as likely as GCs to drive vans.

Handymen are less likely to drive Chevy and more likely to drive Dodge/Ram/Chrysler than others who answered this survey. Your guess as to why this is so is as good as mine. If you have a theory about this please tell us about it in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

The mix of brands driven by finish carpenters is similar to that of all trades that responded to the survey.

Electricians are the only major group queried that prefers Chevy to Ford. It’s impossible to know for sure why this is so without asking more questions. If you have any ideas about what this is the case, please share them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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