Goldblatt Bladerunner
This ingenious tool may not replace your utility knife, but if you work with drywall it should become part of your arsenal, especially for radius cuts. The BladeRunner splits into two halves, each with a cutting wheel, that you place on either side of a sheet of drywall to score both sides simultaneously. It will cut up to 5/8-inch-thick drywall. Powerful magnets hold the two cutters in line and the two halves tight to their opposite surfaces while you guide the tool along your cut line. Spring-loaded hinged legs hold the sections apart and fold in when you start a cut at the edge of a sheet, then emerge again as you reach the end of your cut. The cutting wheels stay sharp for a long time and are easy to replace. By cutting both sides of a sheet at the same time, you can turn the usual three-step process with a utility knife into a two-step snap. Goldblatt BladeRunner: $70. 866-562-4229.