Grand Award: The Power Tool Institute
This is the first time we've given an Editors' Choice Award to an industry association. The Power Tool Institute (PTI) and its member companies have earned it for instituting new performance standards that should raise the level of confidence and trust in today's tools. The effort was the result of unprecedented cooperation among competing companies. This past year the association announced new performance testing standards for torque and horsepower that will, when fully implemented, finally provide comparable specifications for tool buyers to use in making their purchasing decisions. In another show of brand collaboration, PTI members created a joint venture to develop new UL-listed user-friendly blade-guard systems that increase convenience and safety. The new systems are showing up now on the companies' portable table saws. Both of these accomplishments represent a ton of hard work and commitment on the part of the PTI and its members-which is why we chose to honor them with this year's Grand Award. For a look at the new standards, go to