Milwaukee recently held a media event where they unveiled an impressive group of power tools, hand tools, and accessories that will be released between now and the middle of 2015.

Cordless offerings include the next generation of circular saw and heavy duty right angle drill—both with the power to compete with corded models. Speaking of corded tools, the only ones I ever see at the Milwaukee events are battery chargers, which is an indication of the company's focus on cordless tools being the future. It's also focused on brushless; there are now 28 brushless motor tools in the FUEL lineup. No single competitor offers close to that number of brushless models.

Milwaukee continues to expand its line of hand tools and accessories. Screwdrivers and nut drivers, pliers, utility knives, and tape measures have been available from the company for a while, but many specialty tradesman tools are on the way. Sheet metal snips and seaming tools, locking pliers, and staplers and hammer tackers have been designed as upgrade models when compared to many traditional tools used by contractors that may not have been updated in a generation. Even niche tools such as utility scissors and permanent markers are being introduced. It seems as though the wide expansion of the hand tool line is intended to be able to provide every tool a tradesman needs, all from Milwaukee Tool.

The slideshow on this page contains a small portion of the tools you would have seen if you'd been at the recent media event. Be sure to see the captions, which explain what the tools are and in many cases, what they will cost and when they'll come out. Look for the video links in some of the captions—as video will give you the best sense of how those tools work.