Tool manufacturers are good at design but even the best of them can’t please everyone all of the time. Sometimes, not enough people want a particular type of tool to make producing it worthwhile. Amish carpenters are a good example; there aren’t enough of them to make it worth the trouble for big tool companies to make gas-powered versions of electric tools. Other times it’s a matter of features or expense; some guys want features no one else wants or think it’s cheaper to build their own. And finally, there are the guys no tool company is ever going to satisfy, the people who build or hack tool because they enjoy doing it.

All of the tools listed below fall into one or more of these categories. Check ‘em out.

Hacking a Chop Saw

Hacking a Festool MFT

Hacking an Off-Brand Table Saw

Hacking a Festool Systainer

Hacking a Ridgid Miter Saw

Hacking a Makita Table Saw