Joseph Christman is a design build contractor in the Los Angeles area who specializes in finish carpentry and millwork installation. The video below was shot near a project he did in Hollywood. But it could have been anywhere, what matters is it was a congested area and he had to park blocks from the job and haul tools by hand. That might not have been possible at some other stage of the job but it worked that day because Christman was installing hardware and his tools and supplies are efficiently stowed in modular boxes.

Shot with an iPad in one hand and tools in the other, the videography won’t win any awards (well, neither will any of mine) but I like the subject matter: how a carpenter organizes his tools, stows them in back of simply outfitted van, and in a pinch hauls them on wheels to the jobsite. Christman uses Systainers but something similar could be done with another modular box system, though with fewer boxes to choose from.

Highlights include:
0:38 the Hollywood sign
1:05 an air compressor that lives in a Systainer
1:40 a raised deck with space below to stow longer tools. I like that he left space to the right to stand sheet goods and tall items on edge.
2:50 thinking ahead—first aid kit in a modular box
3:38 frequently used cabinet screws and hardware in the same organizer
7:00 makes his own labels and puts them on everything
7:25 loaded and ready to roll