The Leatherman CX Skeletool has been out for several years. I'm writing about it now because I bought one last year and am still in love with the thing.

I was initially attracted to this multitool by its looks: It has a sleek modern shape with cutouts through the blade and handles. The original Skeletool was bare metal, with stainless steel implements and unfinished aluminum handles.  I paid an extra $20 to get the CX version, which has a better grade of stainless steel in the blade and black contrasting handles. I told myself I did it for the blade, but it was really about the handles – which turn what had been a cool looking tool into a really cool looking tool.

Now that I have had the Skeletool for a while I like it for a different set of reasons: it's light, compact, and very stripped down. It has everything I need and nothing I don't. The tool includes:

• a 2.6-inch blade from 154CM stainless steel
• needlenose pliers
• regular pliers
• wire cutters
• hard wire cutters
• carabiner/bottle opener
• large bit driver with two double sided bits (straight and Phillips)

The only thing I could see adding to this tool would be a file (which is available on the SC version) and tweezers (which I have seen in some of their other tools).