Whenever I get away from town, east coast or west, I seem to always find myself behind log trucks. One of these days I'm going to follow that truck to wherever it's going and see what goes on when it gets there. In the meantime there is this video of the operations at one of Hancock Lumber's mills in Maine.

It starts with the logs coming in on one truck and dried surfaced lumber going out on another. I liked the whole thing but the following parts were of particular interest to me:

0:50 Logs being fed through a debarker
1:25 Squaring logs up on the band saw. The saw cuts in both directions, which is kind of interesting because I didn't know there were blades with teeth on both edges.
2:17 Sending the squared up piece into the gang cut saw. This is an automated version of how boards were cut in the east 200 years ago – with parallel blades that move up and down. Back then they relied on water-power; now it's electricity.
4:14 Here you can the stickers (spacers) being separated from lumber that just came out of the kiln. It's amazing how anytime there's something that needs to be sent somewhere else (waste cuts from edges and reusable items like stickers) it's automatically separated.