The other day I received an email blast from one of the big box stores touting a particular brand of hardwood plywood. I can't vouch for its quality because I haven't used it, but I like that it's made in the USA (most plywood is from China, Canada, and other countries with forest industries). What's more – I found a video of the production process and it's pretty cool.

If you like knowing where the materials you build with come from then this is definitely worth watching: In 3-1/2 minutes you can see every step from log to finished product. You can avoid the boring intro by skipping ahead to the 30 second mark.

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September 18, 2012

It is not clear these plywood panels are made in the USA. The video says "made in North America" and that includes Canada.

Posted By: wd73383 | Time: 5:28:20.813 PM

September 21, 2012

"Made in North America" may apply to the manufacturing company as a whole - not this particular plant. The sign at the beginning of the video says "Old Fort, North Carolina". Of course that doesn't prove they shot it there - but if you open Google Earth and search under the manufacturer's Old Fort address (369 Columbia Carolina Road, Old Fort, NC 28762) you'll see a manufacturing plant with acres of logs and giant piles of bark surrounding it.

Posted By: David Frane | Time: 12:31:54.673 PM