Like most people who are interested in tools, I'm also interested in how they are made so before my last trip to New England I called the folks at Lenox and asked for a tour of their plant in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

The plant produces recip saw blades, hole saws, band saw blades, and a number of other items. This story focuses on recip saw blades. I'll cover hole saws in a future entry.

Lenox was reluctant at first to allow me to take photos inside the plant because there are certain machines and processes they don't want competitors to see. After much discussion it was agreed my tour guides would tell me what I could and could not photograph. They were good about it because they understood there would be no story to tell if I could not share with you what I saw during my visit. There were only a few operations I was not allowed to photograph. If you want to see more than what's shown here you here, you'll have to get a job at the Lenox factory.