The maker of this knife admits that it is enormous and impractical – but will sell it to you anyway.

It's the Wenger model 16999 Swiss Army Knife, a monstrous 2.7-pound tool that contains 87 implements. The knife lists for $2,150 but you can get it at Amazon for a mere $900.

Be sure to check out the customer reviews - as you will pick up many important pointers about the pros and cons of this device. If you must know more – here's a video from the manufacturer.

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May 15, 2012

What! Only 87 implements? Why, back in '73 I had a SAK that had all that and a small refrigerator that would hold a two pack. If you gonna work with tooks, you gotta stay hydrated!

Posted By: BenHurt | Time: 8:00:25.457 PM

May 16, 2012

I got to get me one of these!

Posted By: fastcrete | Time: 5:20:49.83 PM