Delta Unisaw
For years woodworkers everywhere have looked to the Delta Unisaw as the standard-bearer for stationary table saws, with good reason. And while you might think it would be hard to improve on such an icon, Delta engineers have completely redesigned the U.S.-made Unisaw to meet today's woodworkers' needs-and we're impressed. The first thing we noticed was the set of dual front cranks that control blade-height and bevel adjustments, better located for easier access and use. An easy-to-read bevel-gauge dial facilitates setting angles. The new model also includes a tool-free adjustable riving knife and improved blade-guard assembly. There's even a storage drawer located under the extension table for blades and parts. The dual-level dust collection promises improved performance, a one-piece arbor nut should help blade changing, and the table has more space in front of the blade-15 inches-which should help with feeding sheet materials. Delta Unisaw: $2,800 to $3,100. 800-223-7278.