Metabo UK290
Metabo Metabo UK290

We recently received this comment in response to our story: Can't Get it Here: Strange Metabo Table Saw

LA Woodworking wrote:
These sorts of saws are indeed similar to radial arm saws... or to an inverted Delta Sawbuck, with one very critical difference: There is nothing obstructing ripping and the thing can be trusted to miter accurately. One can take a radial arm saw on a jobsite of course but it's a bit awkward and generally heavier and most users don't like ripping with them. Inverted sliding compound table saws, "unterflurzugkreissaege" are a trade tool in Germany. They can taper too by putting the rip fence at the taper angle and cutting the taper in increments equal to the depth of the pull, reposition the fence, sliding the work forward and cutting the next tapered section.

Dear LA Woodworking,
You must be as ancient as I am to remember the inaccuracy of the Sawbuck, the stark terror of ripping on radial arm saws, and what it was like to haul ridiculously heavy machines onto the jobsite in the days before the SCMS. I’ve been trying hard to forget and you had to go and dredge it up ;-) Oh well, it was worth it because it meant I got to use the word unterflurzugkreissaege in a blog post (twice actually).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
The Editor