The first one of Alex K’s inventions I wrote about was an inexpensive home-made mortising jig that does the work of a Festool Domino. At the time, I couldn’t decide whether the guy was a genius or a wacko. But after viewing a video of his home-made router table I have settled on genius. If you pay close attention to the video below you’ll see what I’m talking about. Alex K uses a Festool router, but any plunging model would do. The folding leg set is a Makita miter saw stand (194043-3) that isn’t sold here—though really, the legs could be anything. The impressive part is the mechanism, which is made from plywood and parts that could be purchased in any hardware store.

Highlights of the design include:

  • 0:25 Thumb screws and blocks (spring-loaded for convenience) are used to hold the router in place
  • 0:33 The gizmo coming into view attaches to the router and is part of the depth adjustment mechanism (more on it later)
  • 2:18 Clever lever-activated fence adjusting mechanism.
  • 2:48 Height adjusting crank—this is probably the most impressive part of the table
  • 2:58 Must see—a view from below the table showing how the height adjuster works. Note the pulley gizmo on top of the router with the cable going through it. Shorten the cable and the router goes up; lengthen it and the router goes down. Way cool.
  • 5:15 Adjustable throat plates
  • 5:40 What looks to be a tall auxiliary fence
  • 6:40 I’m not sure why he flips the table to the vertical position—unless it’s so he can run panels over a raised panel bit on the flat.