On his YouTube Channel “I Build It”, Canadian carpenter John Heisz has a trove of useful videos aimed at helping carpenters and woodworkers make or modify their tools. He also has a website of the same name: www.ibuildit.ca. I first learned about Heisz when contributing editor David Frane shared a cool (but not very useful) video about making a paper table saw blade. His most recent video offers a far more useful tip than making a paper saw blade. And his methods, according to some of his followers, are “ingenius”. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but at the very least you’ll find his approach to making a zero-clearance insert quite helpful. The cool thing about his approach is that it’s very straightforward and easy to make – and you probably have enough scrap laying around to make several of these – maybe even one for each common angle you cut. Check it out and see for yourself. Also, I encourage you to take a look at some of his other videos, including his miter saw station build.