First, let’s start with some history. Do you know when the circular-style saw blade was invented? And by whom? Any idea when the first table saw was made, and how it was powered? You’ll get the answers to those questions within the first minute of this video.

From there, woodworker Izzy Swan takes us on a brief exploration of his own tips and techniques for what he refers to as safer cuts and better results. He’s a self-proclaimed minimalist when it comes to blade usage (he use only 3 for his table saw, depending upon the job). We’ve all heard advice about keeping the blade clean and sharp, and unplugging the saw when you change the blade – but both are the kinds of things we sometimes pretend to forget or ignore.

Later in the video is where I found some of the more nuanced advice – the kind that you only get from someone who’s been using a table saw as long as he has. It includes what to do first after changing the blade (so as to avoid wearing or swallowing teeth), and his advice about push stick placement might be of use to some of you (it was to me). He wraps up with some discussion of the riving knife, and his tip for keeping it smooth.