• Bosch's new 12-inch single bevel compound miter saw sports a number of incremental improvements and a feature that can't be found on other saws - a rear carry handle in line with the tool's center of gravity. Why would anyone care about a handle? Well, it means you can carry the saw one-handed without it bouncing against your leg. The weight of the saw (43 pounds) makes it that much easier to carry. It weighs about the same as competing single-bevel models but is a good 20 pounds lighter than the average 12-inch sliding compound miter saw (SCMS).

    Bosch is pitching the CM12 as a general purpose tool that can be used for framing, deck building, finish work, and repairs. True, it does not have the capacity of a SCMS, but the vast majority of cuts most people make are fairly narrow. Using this saw is less of a tradeoff than would usually be the case because it has slightly more cutting capacity than competing single bevel models (including its predecessor, the model 3912).

    Upgraded features include an easy-to-reach bevel lock lever (on the side instead of the back), a single lock-lever for the sliding fence, and table extensions on either side that extent about 19 inches to either side of the blade. The machine has the usual miter detents, detent override, and dust-collection bag. The only thing it doesn't have is a laser – and you can add one of those by installing an LS010 Arbor Laser (a $50 accessory)

    CM12 Specifications

    Motor: 15 amps; 4,300 RPM

  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Max cut at 90 degrees: 8 inches
  • Max cut at 45-degree miter: 6 inches
  • Max vertical against fence (thin material such as base): 6-3/4 inches
  • Max cut nested crown: 6 inches
  • Miter range: 52 degrees L/R
  • Bevel range: 47 degrees L; 2 degrees R
  • Street Price: $359
  • Includes: 40T blade, blade wrench and dust bag