Despite legal battles with SawStop, Bosch had its REAXX tablesaw at the JLC Live event last week. Last year Bosch expected to bring its own flesh-detection technology to the market by the fall of 2015, but SawStop got in the way by suing Bosch. Although SawStop was given an edge in a recent court decision concerning patent wording, Bosch is pushing forward with the release of its saw.

During the show Bosch was promising a ship date of July 1st of this year, though said it would likely be available sooner.

Unlike SawStop’s flesh detection technology which throws a brake into the blade and drops it below the saw’s surface, the REAXX blade drops. The difference between the two is that with the SawStop you have to replace a cartridge AND the blade, whereas with the REAXX saw, you just have to replace a cartridge once it fires.