Can you get a decent track saw for $180?

That's the question Marc Spagnuolo asked when he ordered Grizzly's new T10687 Track Saw. It's an interesting question because track saws are not very common in this country and up until now only high-end models were available. The Grizzly saw, which just came out, sells for about half the price of machines from Festool, DeWalt, and Makita - $180 for the tool only and $245 for the Master Pack, which includes a saw, 55-inch track, and a pair of clamps.

Having seen Spagnuolo's review, I'd say he gave the tool the benefit of the doubt but there's not much doubt it's a big step down from major brand track saws. The performance might have been improved by switching to a better blade but then there goes some of the savings. And it sounds like he received a cupped rail or a saw with a cupped base – and there's really no fixing those.