Ever see one of those kits where you can take the motor and chassis of a regular car (they use to do this VW Beetles) and put a fiberglass body on it to make it look like a Porsche or Lamborghini? Well this is the table saw version of that.

A woodworker named John Heisz took the guts of an old Makita table saw and used them to build this new cabinet saw. It's not up to the standard of a Unisaw or PowerMatic, but it was probably cheaper and looks like it was fun to build.

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January 03, 2012

Would like to see different angle pic of this. Also any info he wants to pass along.

Posted By: sparkieED | Time: 9:30:27.443 PM

January 04, 2012

That is pretty doggone interesting, and has given me a bunch of ideas. Thanks T(ONLINE)OTT

Posted By: havelotstolearn | Time: 12:48:58.683 AM

January 06, 2012

Congratulations! Very inspiring.

Posted By: randn1989 | Time: 5:13:38.123 AM

January 18, 2012

sparkieEd - this link will take you to the inventor's website. There are many more photos of the saw there.

Posted By: David Frane | Time: 11:59:24.42 AM