Perhaps the biggest reveal at the Milwaukee media event was the Cordless 10-in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw, which runs on Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Platform and takes only 1 battery (yes, this is an 18V saw!). Features include: stainless detent plate, cam locking system, detent override, 48 degree dual bevel, and a LED cutline indicator with separate switch. The LED shines on both sides of the blade, casting a crisp shadow the width of the blade kerf and according to Milwaukee is plenty bright to still view outside in the sun. One of the coolest features of this saw is the bevel adjustment handle, which consists of a paddle-style lever that’s mounted on top of the saw instead of behind it (you’ll see me mention it in the video). The bevel adjustment has two modes: one for positive stops, and one for full motion.

Milwaukee says that when equipped with a M18 9Ahr battery the saw will make 300 cuts in 2x4, 400 cuts in 3 ½” base molding, 150 cuts in 2x12. It has a 2x12 horizontal cutting capacity and 6" vertical cutting capacity, so you can nest and cut large crown or 6” base standing up. It spins fast, at 4000 RPMs, so it can handle everything from frame to finish. It weighs 47 lbs with a 9Ahr battery pack and has integrated handles on the sides and on top.  

The saw will be available October 1 of this year. The saw will be available October 1 of this year. It will run for $599 for the kit (saw, one 9Ahr battery, charger, and accessories; stand not included), $499 for the bare tool.