A few weeks back I posted a photo of a Ridgid miter saw that had been joined to a Stihl chainsaw motor and asked readers to submit clever captions. We received many online comments and a bunch of emailed responses. I narrowed them down to the ones I thought were the cleverest, but instead of choosing the winner myself I decided to let you vote on them.

Click here to choose from among the top 9 captions. Feel free to comment here or in the survey itself. In a week or two I’ll reveal the winner.

For those who do not remember it, the photo first ran in Hacking a Ridgid Miter Saw, a story about the work practices of Amish carpenters.

One commenter said of the photo “This motor is able to easily detach and reattach to multiple accessories including a drill, grinder, lathe, edger, leaf blower, blender, boat motor, pump, chipper/shredder, vacuum and 100s more”. Interestingly enough, the system he jokingly mentioned actually existed—though without quite so many attachments. It was one of many unusual tools I saw during a visit to Wayne’s Chainsaw Museum.

Wayne Sutton, owner of Wayne’s Chainsaw Museum with a rare Solo Multi-Mot motor, which can be connected to accessories that turn it into a water pump, drill, chainsaw, generator, garden tiller, and other items. Produced for a time in the late 80s and early 90s the product never caught on.